The “BestFriends”

Hey people, whats'up? I know I've been lost for quite a long time but now, I'm back with a story of two best friends who faced hell lot of problems just because the friendship wasn't between the girly gang or the swaggy bros , but the bond between a girl and a boy. A story … Continue reading The “BestFriends”


Given Up !

Did you say something ? You lost her ? and now you are crying to get her back ? hmm ! Why didn't you cry earlier to keep her ? Why did you even gave her a chance to give up on you ? You were not there when she missed you and wanted to … Continue reading Given Up !


When she thought she couldn't love anyone ever again , God gave her the best gift of her life "HIM" . He came in her life as her best gift from God. He gifted her , her happiness,her smile,her peace of mind, her satisfaction of soul and most importantly his heart ,in which she lives … Continue reading HIM ❤


So, today I'll talk about something we really don't wanna talk about - DEATH One can die two types of deaths - A physical death - that obviously happens once in a lifetime. A mental death - that kills you everyday. Ek hota hai "jee ke marna" , aur ek hota hai "mar mar ke jeena". … Continue reading Death!