Present is a Present! 

So , we all have dreams, we all have our life goals. But why do we have these goals ?Obviously for our better future!

If I ask you What do you want your future to look like? Your answers would be like I want to have a big bungalow or I want to have enough money to buy everything or I want to own big cars.Right? Most of us would give the above written answers. How many of us think about our present? Ever thought about What your present should look like? Probably NO.We are so busy in thinking about our future that we forget to cherish our present.

How many of us literally think about our present lives?

We all are blindly running behind our futures , not bothering about our present lives.Another question I would like to ask – How many of us know we will wake up tomorrow? NO ONE. Strange isn’t it ?We keep on running for the moments we dont even know will come or not but don’t bother about the moment we have in our hands.We don’t value our present but give so much importance to our future.

Thinking and planning about our future is not wrong.Rather it is very important but ruining our present because if that is surely not acceptable.

Worrying is never the solution.We keep on worrying for the moments that might never happen, planning about the times that may never come.We never know what God has written for us.By worrying and planning for the future , we would eventually end up leaving the joy of living in the moment.

Learn to live in the present, to enjoy the moment, to cherish what you have instead of worrying about the moments of the future which may or may not happen in our life.

We don’t have to plan our whole journey. We just have to walk on our roads enjoying the moment and cherishing the things or people we have in our life at this moment.

Do we only live in our future? – NO!

Many of us live in planning the future , one in hundred enjoys the present and the rest lives in the past.

What do we get living in the past? Disappointments , sadness ?

Maine ye kyun kiya ? Maine ye kyun nahi kiya ? Kaash maine ye kiya hota. Kaash maine ye na kiya hota.

These are the common things we think about our past.Regret is the only thing we do.But I believe whatever happened with us in our past, no matter how bad or good it is, those are the things which have made us what we are today!

We always learn from our mistakes.We always learn from our past.We always learn from our failures.We always learn from disappointments.We should never regret those things which once used to make us happy.We should never live in the past.That time has gone,the mistakes have been made,we can’t change them.We don’t have the ability to bring that time back.

Concluding the discussion all I want to say is- We either live in the disappointments of past, or in the anxiety of future.Either will take away peace from our life.So why not live peacefully in the moment and be happy.



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