15 Things You Should Always Keep In Your Bag!

Hello b’ful readers!  Today’s blog is *AllWomenTalks* .. All about what are some of the essentials one should always have in your purse these days ! 

Let’s get started ✔😋

      1. Some Safety Pins and Hair Accessories

Safety Pins proves to be a life saver if you pop a button. It can even pinch-hit a necklace clasp if yours suddenly breaks. Also keep some hair accessories in your bag always , you may need them anytime , anywhere ! 

                                  2. A face wash

Gotta go for a meeting after getting exposed to dust ? A face wash always helps you out ! I have this small one from johnson&johnson – clean&clear. Small one fits in your purse easily and does its purpose accurately.

                                       3. A Kajal 

You always need a kajal in your handbags. Applying kajal makes your eyes look more b’ful. I have this one from Lakme-Eyeconic Kajal.

           4.Moisturiser or a Sunscreen Lotion

 You always need a moisturiser or sunscreen to keep your body mositurised and protected from the sun rays all the day.

                                      5.An Eyeliner 

Eyeliner is a must if you going to a party or some function. These are the two eyeliners I am using – one is from the Dynamic , the name has been fainted cz I am using it for quite a long time. The other is from the Camieo. Sketch pen eyeliners do good if you can’t apply a brush type eyeliner easily. But make sure you dont leave them open for long time , they’ll lose their colour! 

                              6.An extra earing

You can always lose your earing anytime , so its better to keep a backup plan ready if you do so. This pair goes well with every outfit , hence my fav ❤.

                     7.Power bank or Headphones 

Your phone can go dead anytime so you should keep a battery bank in your bag always to be on a safe side. Your headphones can prove a boon if you are alone travelling in a bus getting bored ! 

                                        8. Tissues

You may need tissues anytime. Keeping them with you is always a good option! 

                   9. A small notebook and a pen

You can need a notebook and a pen to note down some important things anytime and anywhere. It’s better to keep one with you always. This notebook is my fav one! 

                              10.An USB Flash Drive 

An USB flash drive can come handy anytime. I have this one from hp & can store upto 32GB  data.

                                       11.Lip balm

Lip balm is essential to keep your lips moisturised and look good! This one from Maybelline goes well.

                                       12. A Mascara

A mascara goes well if you want your eyelashes to be perfect. This waterproof mascara from 7Heaven’s is just the one you need! 

                              13. Sanitary napkins 

You should always keep them with you , you may need them anytime or run into someone in the washroom who needs one!


Not only for cuts , they can help you protect from shoe bites.

                                    15.A perfume

For those times when you feel like taking an extra step freshening up , you should keep a bottle of your fav perfume with you ! 

                    That is it for today’s blog ! 

            Have more things one should carry ?                      Do feel free to mention them in                                      the comments below!


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