Write when you can’t say !

When you can’t say what you want to , pen it down!

How many times in our life we feel like saying someone alot many things but we just couldn’t tell them?

I am sure everyone could relate to this.

Sometimes , you feel you annoy them , other times you feel they don’t care but the most difficult time is when you know you don’t annoy them , you know they do care but still you don’t say them the things which run all over your mind just because you don’t want them to get weak. When you want them to be strong , you yourself act strong. When you get hurt by their actions but don’t say a word because you know their actions are hurting them too. And the things you’ll say will only hurt them even more.

So , you keep quite , with your lips sealed , your hands tied , with all your thoughts , with all your feelings , with all your emotions trapped in your heart , with tears who wants to come out of your eyes but you don’t let them to , not because you are weak that you can’t cry but because you are strong enough to smile , smile through your tears , smile for them , so that they don’t get weak.

At such points you always need to share your thoughts with someone. Sometimes you don’t want to share them with anyone but only with that one person with whom you can’t.

So , what to do in such times? JUST PEN THEM DOWN

Write what you can’t say. It is a pleasure! It feels you just cried your heart out without literally crying.

You share your thoughts with your diary , you cry your heart without getting or making anyone feel weak.

A better way to cry your heart out – PEN IT DOWN!



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