12th exam results were near.Everyone tensed and so was he.

Tensed and stressed about his results , sat in his room all alone , wondering what the result would be.

“If I score bad , mom-dad will pe disappointed , I will be a joke for my friends.”

As soon as the clock hit 12 pm , eyes got stuck on the laptop screen to see his results.

He was afraid , his parents were tensed.

He got 75%. His parents disappointed as he expected , they shout at him.

Soon , his phone started ringing , relatives , friends were calling him to know his result.He didn’t have the guts to pick up the calls till then.

Went to his room , sitting on his table , thinking what to do.

He , like millions of other students today , chose commiting suicide as the solution.

Locked his door and hung himself with the ceiling fan.

Meanwhile his parents realised they behaved rude with him and bought him a surprise gift. Went to his room with the gift and excitement to cheer up their child.They meet with a door locked from inside and no on opening even after 100 calls.

They somehow manage to break the door and………….

What they see is something no parent wants to see

What they felt is no parent wants to feel

Their son has committed suicide!

Their son’s body hanging from the fan.

They both could do nothing but cry and blame themselves for the rest of their lives.

Today commit to yourselves , not to commit suicide!

via Daily Prompt: Commit


3 thoughts on “Commit!

  1. Number of students committing suicide has shown a rapid increase in the past few years. Today it is the duty of parents, teachers, friends and relatives to make them understand that hard work pays ,sometimes later and that their life is precious..they are precious.

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