So, today I’ll talk about something we really don’t wanna talk about – DEATH

One can die two types of deaths –

  1. A physical death – that obviously happens once in a lifetime.
  2. A mental death – that kills you everyday.

Ek hota hai “jee ke marna” , aur ek hota hai “mar mar ke jeena”.

There is a vast difference between these two.

Mentally weak people die everyday thinking and geting upset of all the negative things going in life , not even bothering to check out the positive points.

People who suffer from some kind of major diseases are more likely to die a mental death , as  they think they only have some years of their life left with them. The difference between these people and us is only that they know when are they going to die and we don’t have an idea about it.

When we go to our works from home , do we really know we will come back or not ? Still we are always happy and planning for out=r future moments because of “HOPE” we have in us that we will come back home. HOPE is something which keeps us alive.

Its not about a LONG LIFE , its always about a HAPPY LIFE!

Below is a screenshot of my chat with my friend who is suffering from a disease and has only few time left. So , he is messaging everyone to block him so that he doesn’t hurts anyone in future. Friends are the ones who helps you to stand when you can’t even sit properly.Telling them suddenly to go away will hurt them too , right?

My dear friend , if you are reading this – You are a gem! ❤ and you’ll be alright , don’t worry but atleast don’t die a mental death everyday !✔

We live our LIFE_ONCE. It should be a HAPPY LIFE no matter how long/short it is.

For all the people who are suffering from some major disease –

You all are important to everyone in your life.Live your special moments with your special ones and let them cherish those memories for ever.

Dying a mental death may end up no one remembering you even when you are alive. But being alive will end up with everyone cherishing the moments spent with you even after you are gone.


Mental stress , depression , tensions , loneliness , unhappiness – leads to a mental death.Such people don’t live , they just survive.

You need to understand , ups and downs are parts of life. A straight line even in the heart beat indicates you are dead.

Happiness is the way to be alive.Choose your happiness over any other thing in this world.

For everyone who is unhappy due to some reasons-

Nothing is permanent in life.Even “life” itself ends one day. Before it ends , live your life!Stay happy with the people who you love , with the people who loves you. Spend time with people who make you happy. Value them , because there may come a day when you realise what you’ve lost only when they are gone , gone from this world.So , before you go or your loved ones do , LIVE YOUR LIFE!

“Jeeyo toh har pal aise jeeyo , jese ke akhri ho”




2 thoughts on “Death!

  1. Very inspiring post Simran. Life is really a bliss and we should live each moment with great zeal forgiving and forgetting that which is not important. Friends like you makes it easier to enjoy life.
    Thanks for follow.

    Liked by 1 person

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