When she thought she couldn’t love anyone ever again , God gave her the best gift of her life “HIM” . He came in her life as her best gift from God. He gifted her , her happiness,her smile,her peace of mind, her satisfaction of soul and most importantly his heart ,in which she lives with a feeling of being secure knowing its the safest place she could ever be , he who made everyone smile but himself was unhappy with his life. She came as if she was meant to be the reason behind his smiling face , she was meant to be his HAPPINESS. They both complete each other in every aspect . If she cries , he makes her laugh

if he is wrong , she makes him right 

if she is down , he lifts her up 

if he is upset , she makes him smile .

They , had a unique , a different feeling of being secure in each other’s arms. She,who had stopped smiling , started laughing with him. He, who smiled but forgot the meaning of happiness , now knows what happiness really is. 

They fight , they cry , they stop talking , they get upset , but most importantly they LOVE .

The fights would never be able to change their love because….





But life never astonishes me with its things . When everything goes right , something has to go wrong and mess it up. 

Were they together ? Or the mess weakened them ? They stayed happy ? Or the sadness overshadowed their smiles ? 

Only they could decide what was more important to them. Being happy with the smiles or living with fake smiles ! 


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