12 % GST on Sanitary Napkins but condoms to be tax free ?

Its been a few days that the “biggest tax reform since 1974 – The Goods & Service Tax (GST)” has been rolled out.

During the formulation of GST , it was declared that items of national importance would be extempt from taxes.

But something that is not acceptable is that the sanitary napkins are to be taxed at 12% while condoms and contraceptives with a 0% tax. Even optional accessories like bindis , bangles , sindoor are free from taxes but sanitary napkins , which are important for each and every girl is being taxed.

Campaigns have been launched to make sanitary napkins tax free but it seems they are going unheard. State’s logic coming up is condoms and female contraceptions are necessary to control India’s population in national interest.

A Women’s Health Vs Population Control is surely not a valid arguement to be looked at.

What do You think ? 

Are sindoor and condoms more important than women’s hygiene ?


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