The Monkey Man!

Is he a Monkey or Tarzan? Is he a Squirrel or an Alien? No, he is not Mowgli too. He doesn’t seem to belong to spiderman’s family too.

Then Who is he ?

His name is Jyoti Raj. He is known as the “monkey king” and “kothi raju” in Kannada.He is a professional climber.

He is 29 years old and he climbs high rocks , mountains and straight walls like a monkey. Hanging upside down on different surfaces with the support of legs. Moreover , Mr. Jyoti can also rotate his body in 360 degress. And his best move is making a 90 degree angle by hanging upside down.

This Indian daredevil is no less than a Hollywood action hero.

He realised about his talent when there was no hope left for him. Below are the statements which he gave on asking him –

I saw a big rock. I thouht to commit suicide by jumping from it.I moved around the rock to find the way to go to the top. but , there was none.It was just a straight rock. Then, I saw a monkey climbng it. I took some mud , rubbed into my hands and tried to climb like the monkey. I eached on the top. My hands were paining. When Iturned around to jump off , people were bubbling with excitement. They were clapping , whistling and thoroughly encouraging me. since the peopple saw me climbing like a monkey they started shouting “MONKEY MAN” 

Professional climbers use safety equipments like helmets , ropes , harnesses and hooks. but , for Jyoti Raj all of these were useless. He trusts the grip of his hand. And the most amazing thing is that he performs all the stunts without any safety gear and that makes him world famous. After witnessing his daring stunts people are left spell bound and they keep whistling for him. His greatest achievement is that he’s climbd India’s second largest waterfall – Jog Falls of Karnataka which is at a height of 830 feet. He climbed it without using any safety equipment.

I agree we were a kind of ape in the medieval times but , he can beat the apes when it comes to climbng.

It’s not a big deal for monkeys to climb like this because even their legs are like hands. They have a good grip to hold on to.

 But , human feet has been evolved so that they can walk. So, its really hard to climb. Even then , Jyoti climbs with ease.

I broke my bones 9 times. I have four rods in my body. But even though this happened , I never let my spirits break.

It’s his lifetime dream to climb a building which would be 2722 feet tall.

It’s a dream of mine. I dream of climbing Burj Khalifa one day.

This guy says that humans evolved from apes but his evolution went the other way around.


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