The Thing Between you and Me !

The Thing Between You and Me is a love story written by Sagar with Saransh and Samvedna as the main leads in the story.

Those who think MONEY is everything they need in life – hopefully this book will change your perspective towards life.

 The story revolves around a boy SARANSH – MBA aspirant and a South Indian simple girl – SAMVEDNA. Different in every aspect , may it be their upbringing or their perceptions of life , their thinking or their aspirations , despite of these differences fall in love with each other.But Saransh’s high aspirations and his perceptions of life make him leave his love for a rich job  , yet is not able to find his inner peace inspite of having everything he has ever wanted. And when he realises his mistake of leaving Samvedna , rushes back to her.

Curious to know what happens next ?

Read the whole novel and enjoy the story!

A must read novel for all the “love story lovers”

A link to buy the book is given below !

Buy Here


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