12th exam results were near.Everyone tensed and so was he. Tensed and stressed about his results , sat in his room all alone , wondering what the result would be. "If I score bad , mom-dad will pe disappointed , I will be a joke for my friends." As soon as the clock hit 12 … Continue reading Commit!


Write when you can’t say !

When you can't say what you want to , pen it down! How many times in our life we feel like saying someone alot many things but we just couldn't tell them? I am sure everyone could relate to this. Sometimes , you feel you annoy them , other times you feel they don't care … Continue reading Write when you can’t say !

Hindi Medium

Hindi Medium is an Indian comedy drama film featuring Irrfan Khan ( as Raj Batra ) and Saba Qamar ( as Mita Batra ) as the lead roles. The movie revolves around the couple determined to send their five year daughter to an "English Medium" school.  The couple themselve studied in a "Hindi Medium" school wants … Continue reading Hindi Medium